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From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, We're here to help. Using our expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results. Water and Energy savings is our main goal and priority.  

Focused in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America Regions.

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System Audits and Optimization

Water Treatment and operations Gap analysis with recommendations to optimize systems while focusing on water and energy savings.

Troubleshooting of Systems.

Assist in bid procedures.

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The Path to Success

Water Treatment fundamentals.
Systems best practices.
Cooling, Boiler, Reverse Osmosis, Waste Water Treatment systems.
Chemical treatment.
System Troubleshooting

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Project Implementation

A Comprehensive Approach

Planning and Implementation of water & energy savings projects.

School Blueprint

Operations and Maintenance

Expert Guidance

Free the client to focus on their final product.  We will introduce trained utility operators supervised by the experts.  Operator will document and report trends and assist in implementing savings projects.


Heat Exchanger Cleaning

A Comprehensive Approach

Chiller and HX mechanical and chemical cleaning.  When your system has had operational or chemical treatment deficiencies we can mechanically and/or chemically clean these systems.


Diesel Cleaning and Polishing

Expert Guidance

Diesel tanks naturally tend to condense water which later promotes bacterial growth, this water and particulate in your tank will plug your motor injectors and affect the combustion.  We provide cleaning and polishing of this Diesel from your tank and only remove the water and filter out particulate leaving the diesel behind.


Legionella Risk Assessments

RA Consulting and Follow up

Legionella Risk Assessments is required by law in many countries.  We provide Risk Assessments with recommendations and follow up to minimize the Risk.  We also are supported by a Certified Lab.


Water Purification Equipment

Saving Water and Energy

Customized water treatment and purification equipment designed to optimize your water and energy needs. Everything to Reverse Osmosis, water softeners, filtrations and more.  Check out the new fluidized bed softening technology.