Joint Ventures

H2O Caribe team is joined with:


Water Era

Water Consultants and Services

H2O Caribe has a strong partnership with Water Era.  We combine our services to complete our offerings from optimization solutions to regulatory aspects.  Focusing on Potable water, industrial, and waste water.  We also include other renewable and sustainable water and energy solutions.

Pure Water Cloud

Professional Guidance

Purewatercloud provides the comprehensive training needed to work and excell in the pure water industries. 
Purewatercloud is proud to readily share our water treatment expertise in the design and maintenance of high-purity water treatment systems and in the training of water treatment personnel. With a combined technical experience of more than 50 years, we offer an unmatched level of expertise in high-water purity production.  We give our customers insights about their water systems that they can't find anywhere else.

Strong Engineering Solutions LLC

Engineering Consultant

SES, LLC is dedicated to engineering and project consultation, audits, and optimization. Main focus is to ensure your system's cost effective results using industry's best practices.

On Point Strategy

Endless Opportunities

On Point Strategy LLC (OPS) is a Woman-owned consulting firm with experts in fields of grants management and business administration; specializing in areas of research, strategy development, innovation, program development, implementation, program management and monitoring, capacity building, evaluation and analysis, financial forecasting and management, risk analysis and management, and compliance and corrective action planning.

Project Specialists of PR

A Step In the Right Direction

 Project Specialists of Puerto Rico, Inc. is active in the field of calibration and non- destructive testing (NDT, NDE). Over the years we have accumulated in-depth knowledge in a variety of industries. 

Nowadays we do not only possess one of the best equipped calibration laboratories and non-destructive equipment, we also established a customer oriented organization whose primary task is to satisfy our customer requirements.

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