Automation and Dosing Systems

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We spec systems for water treatment automation and chemical dosing.  Extremely valuable in maintaining your equipment problem free and to help in water and energy savings.  We also will assist in the installation and commissioning of these systems.


We work with a large array of equipment manufacturers to design and implement a customized system.  Systems as simple as dose, purge, and feed, to more sophisticated systems which are adaptable to changing conditions and with remote access with alarms.  Installation and commissioning can also be included.
All needed equipment and accessories can be included.
Keeping industry's best practices and your needs in mind.


Chemical Dosing Systems and Stations

We will design and install dosing systems which can include pumps, tanks, tubing, injector quills, containment basins, and remote control monitoring.  Also monitoring systems such as corrosion racks, sample coolers, piping, and electrical installations. Polymer feeders, mixers, feed stations. 
Systems will be customized to the correct fit and your needs.